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Whether you are considering climbing Mount Everest, looking for a training regime to climb big mountains, wanting to know what it's like to climb Mount Everest or other mountains, or whether you would like to know about the secrets of building personal resilence, goal setting, visualisation and increasing your pain threshold, then this is the book for you!

Copies of our book have been sold Worldwide and you can simply order on-line using Paypal or your Credi Card (using Paypal) - see link below.

Reaching For Everest

An inspirational book on climbing Mount Everest and pushing boundaries in life



          • 240 pages (all non colour pages printed on recycled paper)
          • More than 40 colour images
          • Goal setting exercises
          • How to visualise your success
          • Creating simulation and repetition training programs
          • Managing your fears and raising pain barriers
          • Climbing New Zealand's highest mountain Mount Cook
          • How to train effectively to climb big mountains including Mount Everest
          • Excellent route description of the North East Ridge of Mount Everest
          • What it’s like to climb Mount Everest from Tibet (China)


Rear of Book


Table of Contents


Prologue Section

Sample of Chapter 20 - Our Final Summit Push



$30.00AUD plus $10.00AUD postage and handling for express post in Australia (Delivery 3-5 business days)


Asia Pacific (inc. New Zealand)

$30.00AUD plus $12.00AUD postage and handling for posting by air international post (Delivery 7-10 business days)

Europe, U.S. & Canada

$30.00AUD plus $15.00AUD postage and handling for posting by air international post (Delivery 7-10 business days)

All books are personally autographed and made out to the person requesting the order.

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